A Washington Post Best Nonfiction Book of the Year and New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice

"A gleaming, humane work…Eloquent and persuasive."
—The New York Times Book Review

"An exceptionally thoughtful memoir…[a] beautiful book."
—The Washington Post

"Part memoir, part love letter, part medical history, part rationalization and part poetry…Gripping…Thought-provoking."
—Los Angeles Times

"Tantalizing…Heart-wrenching…[Montross’s] thoughtful meditations on balancing clinical detachment and emotional engagement will easily find a spot on the shortlist of great med school literature." —Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"The table and the blade, blood and bodies, dissection and discernment—such are the properties of the medical arts. From her hands-in, hands-on study of parts, whole persons emerge in Dr. Montross’s wonderfully curious text. Here are ample doses of metaphor and good medicine." —Thomas Lynch, author of Booking Passage, The Undertaking, and Bodies in Motion and at Rest

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As a medical student, Christine Montross felt nervous standing outside the anatomy lab on her first day of class. Entering a room with stainless-steel tables topped by corpses in body bags was initially unnerving. But once Montross met her cadaver, she found herself intrigued by the person the woman once was and fascinated by the strange, unsettling beauty of the human form. They called her Eve. The story of Montross and Eve is a tender and surprising examination of the mysteries of the human body, and a remarkable look at our relationship with both the living and the dead.